Tommy Stubbs

Kevin's Nana's first husband, Tommy Stubbs  died on 24th March 1945. He's buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.  Similar to Herbert Preen we have visited the grave of Tommy, twice - first when we did the Market garden tour in 2005 and when we did the Dambusters tour in 2012. Tommy was a creer soldier and his service record below shows this.  

4.3.1930 - Enlisted into the Royal Army Medical Corps Territorial Army
4.3.1930 - Posted to 12th General Hospital
9.7.1933 - Discharged on re-enlistment
10.7.1933 - Re-enlisted into the Lancashire Fusiliers Regular Army
14.7.1933 - Posted to the Depot
27.1.1933 - Posted to the 1st Battalion
3.1.1939 - Posted to the 2nd Battalion
28.11.1940 - Appointed Lance Corporal
23.6.1941 - Transferred to the East Lancashire Regiment
23.6.1941 - Posted to the 6th Battalion
27.8.1941 - Transferred to the Manchester Regiment
27.8.1941 - Transferred to the 11th Holding Battalion
4.9.1942 - Transferred to the Royal Ulster Rifles
4.9.1942 - Posted to the 30th Battalion
17.4.1943 - Posted to the Depot & School Airborne Forces
27.4.1943 - Transferred to the Army Air Corps
27.4.1943 - Posted to the Depot & School Airborne Forces
2.6.1943 - Posted to the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment
18.5.1944 - Reverted to Private
30.11.1944 - Transferred to the Royal Ulster Rifles
30.11.1944 - Posted to the 25th Holding Battalion
20.2.1945 - Posted to Airborne Division 1st (Airborne) Battalion
24.3.1945 Killed in Action in Western Europe

Overseas Service:
21.12.1934 - 27.2.1935 - SAAR
12.12.1935 - 2.1.1939 - China
2.10.1939 - 2.3.1940 - British Expeditionary Force
14.3.1940 - 3.6.1940 - British Expeditionary Force
15.5.1943 - 9.12.1943 - North Africa
No exact dates recorded - North West Europe

1939-45 Star
Italy Star
France-Germany Star
Defence Medal
War Medal 1939-45

Kevin has still got his medals in the original box they were posted in with his Nana's old address still visible on. All the ribbons are still there. There's also the telegram informing her of his death, a patch of a winged parachute with what appears to be a supply cannister hanging below and a couple of pictures of him.


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